About CDD

For more than 40 years, the Center for Developmental Disabilities of Pike County, Ltd. has provided educational, therapeutic, behavioral, and family support services for children with developmental delays and disabilities from birth to kindergarten age. Our grass roots response began with a long-time resident of Pike County, Marian Almquist, who visited families and helped them access information and services.

CDD has evolved into a multi-disciplinary program that averages serving  200 families a year in Pike County. At the Center for Developmental Disabilities, we offer licensed professional services. We offer quality Early Education services and an Early Intervention program that follows Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards and curriculum guidelines. Our classroom teachers are certified and licensed. Our licensed therapists  provide occupational, physical, speech and language therapies. Our family support staff is experienced in working with complex family and cultural issues. Our behavioral support staff is trained and experienced in providing positive behavioral supports and plans for children as needed. We do not expel any child from our program for behavioral challenges. We work closely with you and your family to create a program that is successful for your child.

The mission of the Center for Developmental Disabilities of Pike County Ltd. is to provide early educational and therapeutic services for children with developmental delays. These services are for children from birth through kindergarten age. It is our goal to maximize your child’s potential. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity for growth and development in a setting that meets individual needs and concerns. We are committed to providing quality early education services to children in Pike County and in supporting children with developmental delays and their families. We are community advocates for the children we serve and we are committed to educating the community regarding the special needs of children in Pike County.

The Center for Developmental Disabilities participates in the Keystone STARS program. We currently have a Stars 4 rating in this program. For more information on Keystone Stars Programs: http://www.pakeys.org/pages/get.aspx?page=Programs_STARS


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